15 Credit Package - AIC Approved for Life + A&S

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Description of Each Course

Decisions, Decisions: A Simple Approach to Better Financial Decisions
This course will teach you how to make complex decisions in a simple four-step process. The process can be applied to any decision you face — personal or professional. And, for the financial advisor, it provides a way to substantiate a decision to a client. You can work through the process with a client, agree on the conclusion, and the decision is made. This process will save you time and make you better at your job.

Elder Abuse and the Financial Exploitation of Seniors
This course addresses older adults because it isn’t just the elderly and feeble who fall victims to financial abuse. There are many blatant ways financial abuse is perpetrated on older adults, such as outright theft, and insidious ways, such as abuse of a Power of Attorney.

You are going to learn many causes of elder financial abuse and economic crime. You are given warning signs and red flags to watch for. Plus you are provided with guidance on just what you can do to help your older adult clients avoid abuse and how to get help when it’s needed.

Insurance Needs of Older Folks
Life insurance is frequently marketed for its use as income replacement during working years in the event of premature death. Does that mean it is obsolete at retirement when income stops? The answer is, no. There are many good reasons for life and health insurance post-retirement.

This course reinforces the uses for insurance for older adults. However, it is equally important for those advisors whose clients are contemplating retirement at some distant date to understand the importance of insuring now.

Professional Responsibility and Seniors: Advisor Guidance for Ethical Practice
This course reviews ethical practices in light of seniors and their particular circumstances and challenges.

You will read:

  • an overview of senior challenges;
  • key practice concerns;
  • five brief questions to assess your ethics;
  • extensive case studies supplemented with ethical considerations and q&a.

Price: $174.95 

Alberta Life Credits: 15 credits
Alberta A&S Credits: 15 credits 
CFP® Professionals:  15 credits (Financial Planning)
Institute Credits: 11 credits

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