Description - Boom! Managing Sudden Wealth: Inheritance, Home Equity, Business Proceeds (and other windfalls)

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1. Hello Money!
Introduction to sudden wealth.
2. Sudden Wealth Sources
Where the money comes from and relevance of its source to planning.
3. What's Mine, What's Ours
How to protect the windfall from division as a family asset.
4. Constraints to Consider
Pension needs and their special considerations.
5. The Decision-free Zone
The importance of a time-out for financial decisions.
6. The Proverbial Elephant in the Room
The shocking considerations of financial literacy, overconfidence and aging.
7. What To Do First
Establish the client relationship with a letter of engagement. Includes a sample letter of engagement.
8. Will Power
The importance of will review in light of changed financial circumstances. Includes an Asset Inventory Form and Beneficiary Designation worksheet.
9. Ditch the Debt
Several reasons why paying off debt pays off.
10. How Much is Enough?
Methods to determine how much will be needed for retirement.
11. Give It Away
Gifting money and property to family members and charities.
12. Save It
The benefits of topping up RRSPs, TFSAs, and RESPs.
13. Invest It
Some principles and products for the newly wealthy.
14. Insurance Needs, Revisited
Examining the needs for insurance, both life and A&S.
15. Threats to Wealth
A look at the risks, and how they can be managed.
16. A Taxing Concern
Some tax considerations.
17. Taking Care
Don't overlook needs for disabled children.
18. What To Do Next
Concluding the process.



Provincial Life Credits: 15 credits in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON
CFP® Professionals: 15 credits (Financial Planning)

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