Description - A Comparison of Segregated Funds, Mutual Funds, and Exchange Traded Funds

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Course Contents

A Comparison of Segregated Funds, Mutual Funds, and Exchange Traded Funds gives you the knowledge you must have about segregated funds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds to serve your clients. We’ve presented the information in an easy-to-read table. Compare:

  • what is important to understand about each;
  • their history;
  • licensing requirements;
  • unique and general features;
  • pre-authorized contributions;
  • length of investment;
  • consumer protection provided;
  • risks;
  • purchasing process and disclosure;
  • fees;
  • rights of investors;
  • values and returns;
  • use in estate planning;
  • taxation of non-registered accounts;
  • systematic withdrawal;
  • suitability


The value of this Course comes from the comparison between the products; it illuminates strengths and weaknesses of each investment that may not otherwise be obvious. You will be able to knowledgeably guide clients by providing information that they may not know, or understand.

Much is written about ETFs for the US market but the information in this Course is entirely Canadian.


Provincial Life Credits: 2 credits in BC, SK, MB, ON
CFP® Professionals: 2 credits (Financial Planning)

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