Description - Canada's Long-term Care Crisis and Its Insurance Solution

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Course Description

Speaker: Karen Henderson, CEO, Long-term Care Planning Network

It’s a classic case of demand and supply: as Canada’s baby boomers reach old age, their numbers will far exceed the available supply of long term care services and facilities. As this happens, costs and availability of services are going to be stretched to the limit and costs will rise. Couple this with the future likelihood that government-provided services will be cut back further, and a crisis will face Canadians who need long-term care for themselves, their spouses, or their parents.

The best solution for this looming dilemma is long term care insurance.

Karen Henderson is the founder of the Long Term Care Planning Network and your speaker for this session. Karen is passionate about the need for long term care.  She brings a wealth of professional expertise and personal experience to educating insurance professionals and advisors about the realities of LTC and its costs.

This session will give you the facts underlying long term care: what it is and what your clients can expect. It will also show you how long term care insurance can prepare your clients for the future, and provide valuable tips to help you in this market..

Canada’s Long-term Care Crisis and Its Insurance Solution is must-do continuing education for all agents and advisors who recognize the importance of having the care discussion and ensuring your clients can access the best care in their future through LTC insurance.


Provincial Life Credits: 1 credit in BC, SK, MB, ON (not valid in AB)
Provincial A&S Credits: 1 credit in BC, SK, MB, ON (not valid in AB)
CFP® Professionals: 1 credit (Financial Planning)

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